Eat: Grasslands

A few weekends ago, I met up with my cousin Betty for our spontaneous meet ups. It came at a time where she was going through some difficult times at work and was contemplating quitting her job. I told her to not do what I did, and if she did, to have a backup plan. Mind you, I don’t regret what I did, but I’m the last person to even come to for these kind of advice.

My advice to her was to travel far and wide if she quit.

For dinner, we went to Grasslands, a vegan restaurant on Queen West that was a bit hard to spot. First, we were on the wrong side of the street, and secondly, we were debating whether it was closed for good because we couldn’t spot any signage that said “GRASSLANDS”.

Maybe we were just blind… but it was the large lion head decal on the front window that we thought it had to be it.

The moment you step inside, you wouldn’t even think it is a vegan restaurant — it had a lounge-y, upscale-like environment. Also, no one in the restaurant was just eating salad and they serve alcoholic drinks. When we came in, we were told that the tables were reserved, but we could sit at the bar. Our server was this lovely Aussie. Her accent made me miss Melbourne so much.

IMG_3009Betty’s Southern Fried Chiggun Burger ($17) – Battered chicken, cabbage slaw, tomato, dill cucumber, lettuce, chipotle, mayo, and mustard. The burger was almost as big as her head. The “chicken” itself looked like a chicken breast with the texture and appearance.

IMG_3006My virgin mimosa. I was still in the no-alcohol phase at the time. I much prefer the alcoholic mimosa. The club soda is no replacement for sparkling wine.

IMG_3008Seoul Bowl ($17) – Black and brown rice, kale, carrots, nappa kimchi, broccoli floret, beets, red wine miso barbeque dressing and organic grilled tofu. It was very filling and I was quite happy that there wasn’t much rice in the bowl.

Out of the vegan restaurants we dined together (Fresh was at the most recent), we liked Grasslands the best. It wasn’t a place where majority of the menu were salad bowls.

478 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 2B4


2 thoughts on “Eat: Grasslands

    • I’m sure that the trend will catch up in Bangkok, it only takes a few to get it started 🙂 besides, I think alot of people think vegan food is just salad, when there’s more just leafy greens.

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