First speeding ticket, ever.

When I got home on Tuesday from work, there was a mysterious piece of mail waiting for me.

Had an Airmail sticker on it.

That bad, suspicious feeling started to creep up.

I opened it, lo and behold…

IMG_3101I started to laugh. I think that if I received this maybe 6 months ago, I would have panicked.

This is actually my very first speeding ticket ever. The absurd thing is, it’s not even issued from my own city!

This was a result from our 12 Apostles trip. The stupid thing is, I was not even the driver, but the rental car was under my name. Essentially, I am paying for someone else’s mistake. I did pay it because it’ll put my mind at ease. Not that I was debating paying it or not, but a colleague whose girlfriend spent 6 months in Australia had a speeding ticket mailed to her as well was told by a law student that is best to just pay it off, especially since we’re foreigners. I spent a few days mulling over whether it would affect me here: would insurance increase? Driving record? OMG!

Lesson here is, don’t let someone else drive if they are not the one renting the car. I just find the whole situation amusing and chalk it up to a really expensive experience.

2 thoughts on “First speeding ticket, ever.

  1. Damn that sucks, Jennifer. 😦 Did you tell your friend you got a ticket? Perhaps he/she will pay some too. It’s not fair that you have to pay for the whole thing when you weren’t even the driver!

    • I did and they paid me back. But if I didn’t pay it, I may be flagged at the border should I visit Australia again. As well, I am not sure if I am even able to rent a car without any problems. It is what it is. 🙂

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