Eat: Dutch Dreams

After having dinner at Aprilé Bambina Cucina, we went to have dessert at Dutch Dreams, considered one of the best place in the city for ice cream. Little did I know that this place has been in operation for over 25 years and people come here for the large selection of ice cream flavours, homemade waffle cones which some are so decked out, and massive desserts of waffle bowls to banana splits.

Because of so many choices, for an indecisive person, I was a little overwhelmed. Should I get a decked out cone? Which decked out cone? What flavour ice cream?

IMG_3059I ended up getting just a regular sugar cone. Sadly, I don’t remember what ice cream I got. Tommy also got a regular sugar cone with Toronto Traffic Jam (lol) ice cream (I think it’s vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate covered pretzels).

They top your ice cream with whipped cream and fruits as well. A small balance of healthiness, I guess. Ours were sans whipped cream.

This place is a true indulgence for those who love ice cream, but with so many choices, I much prefer simplicity in this case. Hence, Ed’s Real Scoop remains one of my favourite — lot of ice cream choices but my mind isn’t also trying to deciding what cone to get.

IMG_3061IMG_3060The place is cute though. Also, I didn’t know you can a certificate in Ice Cream 101… Penn State no less. I did looked it up and it’s a two day course where you can learn all about ice cream and the production of it.

Dutch Dreams
36 Vaughan Road
Toronto, ON
M6G 2N3


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