Eat: Chuck’s Burger Bar

During our waterfall hopping, we stopped by downtown Hamilton for lunch at Chuck’s Burger Bar on Locke St.

IMG_3090Hamilton has changed a lot. I remember years ago when my brother and I took the GO Transit system to visit our grand-uncle and walking through downtown Hamilton evoked a bit of a “I better watch my back” mentality because it was their downtown was very run-down due to economic decline and population flight when large corporations left. Hamilton was and is still in some aspect, a working class steeltown, but with people priced out of Toronto’s real estate market, they head south of Lake Ontario where it’s much cheaper to live, thus bringing along with it investments.

IMG_3091Chuck’s Burger Bar is a relatively small and narrow place with maybe 20 seats. We were told that a few menu items were unavailable, namely the burger with a ground bacon patty.

IMG_3092Cousin Dave’s Fancy Schmancy Cheeseburger ($19) – bison burger with French morbier, Quebec brie and Jensen’s cheddar, fleur de dijon mustard and chive mayo.

IMG_3093Brother’s Mama Chuck’s Chili & Cheese burger ($14) – half pound Angus beef, homemade chili and Jensen’s roasted garlic-chive Monterey cheddar.

IMG_3094I decided to build my own burger because I am so peculiar and minimal with my burgers. I chose venison ($10) with mixed greens, pea tenders, red onion, tomato and chipotle ketchup. I also had their sweet potato fries ($4.50) with ancho chili mayo. It’s probably the best sweet potato fries I’ve had since it was crispy. I never had crispy sweet potato fries, they’ve always been soft and mushy.

The consensus was the burgers were pretty good, albeit expensive. I guess with gentrification, it also brought gentrified prices as well.

One thing to note is, they will only cook their burgers medium. Another thing to note is, the restaurant was featured in Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here!… for those who, you know, eat at places featured in the show.

Chuck’s Burger Bar
194 Locke St. S.
Hamilton, ON
L8P 4B4


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