Eat: The Stockyards

The Stockyards has been one of the places I wanted to go to for brunch, but too lazy to get up early and get there.

Thanks to Tommy, I had a chance to try their chicken waffles, which I hear is off the roof. Tommy keeps raving about their butter burger, which I think they’ve taken off the menu because it’s no longer on it.

IMG_3132The eatery is very small; all seats were occupied when we came, but we did not wait very long for seats. Don’t bother coming in with a large group, Stockyards is not meant for it.

We both got the Fried Chicken and Waffles, his a 4 piece ($16), mine a 2 piece ($13). It comes with Belgian waffles and chili maple molasses citrus glaze.

IMG_3133The waffle itself is alright, soft and not overly sweet. I kind of prefer a more crispier waffle though. The glaze is has a mix of sweet and spicy, a tolerable spiciness where it gives a bit of kick but dissipates. The real winner however is, the fried chicken, which is brined and marinated for 48 hours. It’s not overly coated, perfectly fried and moist. Likely the best fried chicken I’ve had to date.

I would definitely come back just for the fried chicken. I’m kind of craving for it now..

The Stockyards
699 St. Clair Ave. West
Toronto, ON
M6C 1B2


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