Coffee Break: Himalayan Java

Last Saturday, I had my annual twice a year dental check-up where after my appointment, I go and have coffee. I know, it defeats the purpose of getting teeth cleaned and polished… but, I’m cavity-free and in midtown Toronto where I hardly ever spend time around.

A few minutes drive north from my dental office is a little cafe called Himalayan Java. It can be easily missed as the shopfront is unassuming and unknown that it is a coffee shop to those unfamiliar to the area.

I also learned that it is a chain from Nepal and this is their first Canadian location, serving fair trade coffee from Nepal. Inside is not like your indie coffee shop with minimalist decor and fancy stools; rather, it’s homey and simple.

IMG_3156Brother’s Chai Latte

IMG_3158Cafe Mocha. They draw different latte art on each cup, very different from the typical tulip or rosetta.

The coffee itself is pretty good; strong but balanced. The latte art and the coziness of the coffe shop is what will bring me back here if I’m in the area.

IMG_3157Himalayan Java
2552 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M4R 1H7


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