Eat: Bake Shoppe

Pop-Tarts, those iconic toaster pastries have been around for 50 years now and very likely most North American household grew up eating this convenient breakfast food.

I have not had Pop-Tarts in years as we grew out of eating the sugary manufactured pastry but Bake Shoppe, a cute bakery on Dufferin Grove makes pop tarts that have real fruit jam filling (supplied by Kitten and The Bear) and fresh from the oven.

Oh nostalgia.

I visited Bake Shoppe on their 1st birthday, there were helium balloons all over the ceiling. I was more attracted to the hot pink neon sign and that we were going to get a fresh pop tart (we had to wait for a few minutes while it was begin frosted and cooled).

IMG_3171While waiting, we got a Brown Butter Nutella cookie. The cookie was really soft and with a Nutella centre… *sigh*.

IMG_3173When the pop tarts were ready, we took it to go mainly because the parking meter was about to expire.

IMG_3174IMG_3178Blackberry Mint pop tart. The pastry itself is flaky and buttery. I couldn’t really taste the mint in the jam, perhaps muted by the sugar frosting and blackberries. Nonetheless, I loved it. Definitely worth a visit for homemade pop tarts, and not feel guilty eating one that has high-fructose corn syrup, and coloured dyes.

DSC_2981DSC_2984Spotted this cutie as we left the bakery.

Bake Shoppe
859 College St.
Toronto, ON
M6H 1A1


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