Eat: Chino Loco

When Chino Locos first opened smack dabbed in Chinatown, I thought, “a burrito joint in Chinatown?”

The area is still in process of change, so seeing something out new and out of place is a bit intriguing. Chino Loco describes itself as a Mexi-Asian burrito joint.

I don’t eat burritos that often, it can be messy to eat and I’m not always fond of what’s put in a burrito– cheese and sauce-wise. One great thing about Chino Loco is that you can have your burrito shell-less, it would be serve in a box instead.

IMG_3194I chose the Mexican Chicken Tinga with mild Chipotle sauce and omitted cheese, guacamole (I discovered that the more citrus-y the guacamole is, the more tolerable it is). I totally forgot to omit the sour cream. Opted for rice, but there’s the option to add chow mein noodles.

Quite a lot of meat to rice ratio, but not heavy at all.  I did find the chicken a little dry.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind trying Chino Loco again knowing what to omit (it’s a good thing they didn’t judge as I’m sure people out there would think a burrito is not a burrito without sour cream and guac). As well, even though it was not busy when I visited, getting the order took a little too long then necessary.

Chino Loco
368 Broadview Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4M 2H1


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