Eat: Hopo Fusion Style Hotpot

As temperature dip, cravings for hot pot goes up. Hot pot is mostly a communal activity, but Hopo does it where each person gets their own simmering pot.

There’s soup bases to choose from such as spicy beef to Malaysian Laksa to fermented tofu (stinky tofu!). Jenny and I shared a non-spicy beef soup. It’s not found on their regular menu, rather a separate menu; as though they’ve realized that not everyone can handle spice.

IMG_3203It’s filled with cabbage, fish cake, slices of beef, tofu, enoki mushroom, corn, baby corn, pork balls, vermicelli, quail eggs, crab stick, tomato, puff tofu, mini sausages and cilantro.

It was alright, enough for the two of us but depending on how hungry you are, it could be enough or too much. Aside from doing hotpot at home, the hotpot restaurants I’ve been to does all-you-can-eat, but Hopo presets your food items based on the soup you order and well, you get more vegetables than meat.

It made me prefer doing hotpot at home, or all-you-can-eat where there is more variety.

Hopo Fusion Style Hotpot
20 Gibson Drive
Unit 111A
Markham, ON
L3R 0M7


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