Coffee Break: Sorry Coffee Co.


We Canadians are famously polite and known for saying sorry even when it doesn’t warrant an apology. In comes Sorry Coffee Co., hidden from the main street of Bloor, behind Kit and Ace. It kind of reminds me of Melbourne with things hidden in alleyways.

Who am I kidding though? Toronto is no Melbourne.


Despite the name, you will not find any sense of Canadian-ness here– no maple syrup, beaver tails, fridges full of beer… rather, you’ll find a sleek, minimalist space. Hipster vibes with your Louis Vuitton in Yorkville.

Admittedly, it is nice to have a spot for expertly crafted coffee in Yorkville, other than Starbucks or Nespresso.

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I did find the prices here a little expensive than other indie coffee shops ($4.25 for a latte?) and it could be contributed to a few factors: Yorkville is a posh, affluent neighbourhood or the coffee shop is cashless (merchant fee is taken into account). The irony is, the moment I took cash out of my wallet to pay for my drink, I was told, “sorry, we only take debit and credit”. I’ve been told, “sorry, cash only” but only plastic? I was a bit baffled and even though it may be the future way of paying for things, by being cashless, it has restricted a population of people that don’t carry credit or debit cards.

Edit: Coffee cup as of November 2016:


Sorry Coffee Co. (behind Kit & Ace)
102 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON
M5S 1M8


2 thoughts on “Coffee Break: Sorry Coffee Co.

    • That’s what my dad said when I told him that I have never heard of “no cash”, but they said with new ways to pay for things now (Apple Pay to paying things with your phone), it’s their preferred method of payment.

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