Eat: Rose and Sons

Work has been so busy that I literally come home, have dinner and go straight to sleep. Rightfully so as I recently caught a cold that quickly turned to acute bronchitis and well, to get better faster is to get as much rest.

Because of my cold, I had to postpone dinner with my brother at Rose and Sons, one of the many restaurants along Dupont Street owned by Chef Anthony Rose.

Rose and Sons has that hole-in-the-wall diner feel, and probably the smallest restaurant kitchen I’ve ever seen with a modest bar right beside the kitchen. It’s cramped yet even sitting at the bar, you get to watch all the action taking place from the synchronization of movements in the small kitchen to staff making drinks almost a feet away from you.

The restaurant itself is pretty small, fits maybe about 25 or so patrons. Moving around the restaurant is also a feat in itself. Food-wise though, it’s relatively good. That familiar, comforting food…


I started with the Matzoh Ball Soup ($11) with smoked chicken, root vegetables, dill and egg noodles. Warm, hearty and generally better than chicken noodle soup when you’re sick.


My brother ordered their special that day, a Reuben sandwich.


I got the Butternut Squash Parmigiano ($18) with tomato sauce, pesto, arugula and goat cheddar (I omitted that). Like a veal or chicken parmigiana but vegetarian. Even though it’s fried, it didn’t feel like a heavy dish at all.

Best to not come in with a large group since it’s so cramped. Do yourself a favour though and get the matzoh ball soup; after all, it’s Winter!

Rose and Sons
176 Dupont St.
Toronto, ON
M5R 2E6


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