Coffee Break: Neo Coffee Bar


Like many independent coffee shops in the city, what sets Neo Coffee Bar apart are the offerings of in-house made Japanese pastries. While I didn’t try out any during my first visit, I loved how spacious the cafe is and seating (booths and communal tables in the back, smaller, single seat tables near the front) is more than what I’ve seen in indie coffee shops.

My only small gripe is the service, which had the standoff, “I have better things to do” vibe. No hello, no smile, not even a thank you. The barista who took my order just gave me a blank stare when I said hello and gave my order.

Neo Coffee Bar (1).jpg

Neo Coffee Bar (3)
Cappuccino and Kyoto Matcha Latte

I’m going to return to try out some of their pastries and perhaps see how the service is on another visit. You may make good drinks, but there’s reasons why coffee shops gets regulars coming everyday: the friendly service and getting to know the customers.

Neo Coffee Bar
161 Frederick St.
Toronto, ON
M5A 4P1


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