Coffee Break: Remarkable Bean

Once a month, a few of my friends organize a gathering downtown or uptown (it would alternate, if a gathering was downtown, it would be uptown the next month).

December was downtown month and since a few of them had evening plans, we decided to have a coffee. Some small coffee shops have some sort of unwritten rule that groups are not ideal, especially where people go for quiet time alone or with one other person.


Thankfully, Grace suggested Remarkable Bean, one of the many coffee shops in Leslieville. One thing that I liked about Remarkable Bean is, you don’t expect it to be spacious, but it is. There was a large table that accommodated the five of us (turned 6 when Grace’s brother joined us).


I had a mocha with almond milk, it was a good cup of mocha but I did prefer it stronger. I also had their gluten-free brownie, which for gluten-free is absolutely divine. You cannot tell it’s gluten-free as it is dense, moist and heavy on the chocolate flavour.


I made a second visit with my brother. He got a small latte, whereas I ordered a medium matcha latte with almond milk. It would have liked it more if it was smoother and it had the bitter taste near the bottom of the cup where there were clumps of the powder.

I’m not sure if it’s the place for me to go for a drink, but boy, their brownie was too delicious.

Remarkable Bean
1103 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON
M4M 1K7


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