Eat: Sprinkles Cupcakes (Upper East Side location)


California-based, celebrity-endorsed Sprinkles Cupcakes are considered one of the first cupcake bakery during the cupcake craze. We spotted one of their two NYC locations while walking along Lexington Ave. from their Cupcake ATM.

Where’s the cash??

Intriguing, yet gimmicky at the same time. The Cupcake ATM dispenses cupcakes and cookies 24/7. We didn’t try the ATM out since we did not know how fresh the cupcakes would be. Also, it’s a little more expensive getting it from the ATM (roughly $5), essentially a convenience fee and not worth it if the store is open during its operating hours.

Sprinkles also offers ice cream and dog-friendly cupcakes.

There’s a lot of cupcake choices to choose from, some flavours come in both sprinkles on the frosting and their signature dots on top of the frosting.

We each got a cupcake ($3.75 each) to go, which by the way if you want a take-out box, it costs $0.50 for one cupcake, but two cupcakes would be a free box.


Coconut – a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake topped with coconut cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut flakes.

Dark Chocolate – dark Belgian chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate frosting (this also had a chocolate sprinkles version).

Shortly after getting the cupcakes, we accidentally dropped them on the mean streets of New York :(. My dark chocolate cupcake got slightly smudged, which we tried to fix lol. However, we didn’t find them that great of a cupcake, the cake was dense and frosting too sweet. In the end, we kind of regretted spending money at a place endorsed by celebrities.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
780 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10065
United States


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