Eat: FIKA (Bryant Park location)



We stumbled upon FIKA spontaneously while heading to out to lunch from spending some time in Times Square. We were attracted to the bright, spacious and minimalist design inside that we forgo our original lunch plan to eat here. Even though it’s so close to Times Square, it’s not impacted by the crowd of a tourist area. It was a bit of a refuge for me as I was overwhelmed by everything in Times Square.

We have a FIKA in Toronto, a beloved indie cafe in Kensington Market. It is unaffiliated with the FIKA in New York, which have multiple locations throughout the city. As well, the FIKA NYC also sells chocolate and spreads.

I had the Orsa salad ($10.10) with baby kale, arugula, quinoa, roasted corn and bell peppers, pickled chili, red radish, sunflower seeds with lemon and tarragon dressing. There was more arugula in the salad than there kale and it didn’t appear to be a fresh salad (I suspected that it was taken from a takeout container). There was not a lot of quinoa in it. Somewhat of a disappointing salad.

I also had a matcha latte, which was 10x better than the salad.


Betty’s Överkalix, a whole wheat wrap with house-cured salmon, arugula, cucumber and sweet mustard dipping sauce with a minestrone soup (soup of the week). It was a combo for $9.18.

Such an expensive lunch. I think FIKA is good for coffee, but not so much for food.

114 W 41st St.
New York, NY 10036
United States


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