New York Travel Log: Day 1

We considered day 1 our official full day in New York. We meant to wake up early, but the exhaustion from the day before got the better of us. Our plan for the day was to visit the chic neighbourhood of SoHo, go to Little Collins for lunch, head to Trader’s Joe, then meet with Betty’s friend Victoria for dinner somewhere downtown.

As we rode through subway stations, I’m astonished at how grimy and dirty they are and yet, it’s the essence of New York. I kept reminding myself that it’s an old, well-established system. This is New York. I am in New York.


But, I also developed a profound appreciation for our Toronto transit system. Our clean, not so smelly TTC. My TTC where I’m not so concern about what I’m breathing in when the train goes by.




Behind the dirt and dust, I did find some stations nicer than others, especially those with intricate tile work. Getting out of Prince St. station and out to SoHo, I kind of fell in love. Aside from the luxury boutiques, the cast-iron facades on almost every building was detailed and beautiful.


After our visit in SoHo, we took the train to Lexington Ave. for a late lunch (at 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino) then to Trader Joe’s on 6th Ave. It was a surreal scene and definitely not the same experience as the ones I’ve visited in California or even the Amherst location. It was so busy and they had about 30 cashiers on hand to check customers out. I was told that in the city, New Yorkers have mostly bought their groceries in small, family-run stores; having a full-scale (and cheap gourmet to boot!) stores like Trader Joe’s, people are going to flock when you can get anything and everything in one place.




We picked up a few jars of their awesome Cookie Butter, in addition to a few other things. We may have went overboard in a sense that we had to carry it, and with the constant going up and down the stairs of New York’s MTA, there was no way we would be able to walk around Manhattan with extra weight. We changed plans by making a stop at home to do a drop off and then have dinner in Astoria (at Pye Boat Noodle. Dessert at Vanilla Sky).

It was only Day 1, but we were exhausted.


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