New York Travel Log: Day 2

Day 2 was full of walking.

Since we were unsuccessful at Little Collins, we decided to try again for breakfast. When we got there, they were closed for unforeseen issues. We just weren’t meant to go to Little Collins. Instead, we had coffee at Starbucks. They didn’t have lactose-free milk, but only coconut milk and soy milk. Is that the case for Starbucks in America?



Afterwards, we walked from Lexington to 7th Ave. towards Times Square. Making a few stops to do some touristy things.

Artist Robert Indiana’s Hope sculpture at the corner of 7th Ave. and 53rd St.


Getting ready for New Years Eve. Times Square is THE place to celebrate New Years.


When we reached Times Square, I felt overwhelmed by the crowd and the sheer size of everything. I can now say I’ve been to Times Square, but I would not step foot in that area again. Too exhausting. Nonetheless, we are here and we’ll see stuff.

A 3-in-1 Times Square memorabilia: You’ve visited New York. You’ve visited Times Square. You’ve visited the massive M&M Store.

Betty wanted to take me to the Toys R Us Store, famous for its 60 ft. tall indoor ferris wheel and other massive stuff. It was extremely crowded due to the pending closure (the store is now closed due to high rent and the poor future of brick and mortar stores).

The line up for the ferris wheel alone was a 2 hours wait, which people actually subject themselves and their children to.


Am I in a nightclub or a toys store?

The poor 20 ft. T-Rex that moves and roars at shoppers also seem to lose its steam. It roared with its mouth closed. I figured staff thought there was no point in fixing it.

Have to pose with my girl, Hello Kitty.

After Times Square, we had lunch at FIKA (visit here), which we found by chance. Also we did a bit of shopping while at Times Square (mostly shopping in stores that don’t have a location in Toronto), we decided to go back home to do a drop off, especially since Betty bought a lot of large stuff as gifts to bring back home.


We ended up getting off the wrong station, though we were in Astoria. The silver lining was we decided to walk home for a chance to explore the neighbourhood we were staying at. Part of the neighbourhood is like the equivalent of Little India in Toronto, and another part was Mediterranean/ Greek. I was told if one was craving for Mediterranean food, Astoria is the place to go.



After walking almost the entire day, our poor feet were tired and sore so we rested for an hour or so before heading out to SoHo for Georgetown Cupcake, Laduree and dinner.

During our trip, we wanted to go to a nice bar and The Wren was quite that and more. The Wren is now also a place where I threw up from alcohol for the first time. Honestly, I have no idea why.

I can handle my alcohol pretty well, and I’ve always kept myself hydrated with water while drinking. We did not even go overboard with drinks — we each only one alcohol drink. During our dinner, Betty wanted to go to Trader Joe’s again as she wanted to get a few more jars of Cookie Butter to give away. Towards the end of our dinner, I felt kind of off; more buzzed than usual and this was from one drink! I told Betty I’m not sure if I could do Trader Joe’s after. After paying, I stood up and knew that I needed to throw up, so off to the loos I go and immediately felt 100% fine.

I don’t know why! Was the drink too strong? Was it the combination of eating and drinking? Was it due to exhaustion? I still don’t know why. Afterwards, I told Betty that I was ok to go to Trader’s Joe.

Fine I was, but my feet still hurt.

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