Tea Break: Rose House

After our dinner at Nan Xiang, we headed over the Rose House, a Taiwanese English-style tea house chain with a focus on art. The chain was established by Robert Huang, a Taiwanese artist known for painting roses and was commissioned to do some designing work for the British royal family.


The tea house is located in a mall, The Shops at Queens Crossing. Quite frankly, it’s  an unlikely place for a “fancy” tea house. When you first enter, you would think it’s a fancy tea house with the fine china display, and elegant decor, but at the end, it’s merely a casual place for expensive tea and expensive food.


One of the staff wore a short sleeve white shirt that showed off his tattoo sleeve — something you don’t find in fancy tea house where you stick out your pinkie when you drink your tea. Keyword is English-style tea house. Even if they offer the tiered set of desserts and tea sandwiches, don’t expect an authentic high tea experience here.


Teas range from $10/pot per person, unless you do a set. Food didn’t seem appealing and the dessert were overpriced, so I just opted for a pot of tea. I don’t remember the name of the tea I got, but it was named after the late Diana, Princess of Wales and description was something along the line of “notes of strawberries”. The tea was good at least.


Betty’s piece of green tea mille crepe cake.

The ambiance is nice and if you love tea, it’s an okay place for it. Service was meh. They have a policy where each must order at least one menu item, so you’re guaranteed to spend at least $10 on something. Washroom is not on premise, you’d have to use the mall’s public washroom.

Rose House
38-10 138th St.
Flushing, NY 11354
United States


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