New York Travel Log Day 4

Our last day at New York started with finishing our packing before spending half the day taking the free ferry to Staten Island. Since there was new guest arriving, our kind Airbnb host allowed us to leave our luggage in her apartment so that we would lug it around the city.


Victoria told us that there’s not much in Staten Island, but like most visitors to NYC, the iconic monument to see is the Statue of Liberty and while we didn’t have much time to visit Liberty Island, taking the free ferry to Staten Island and back allowed us to see the statue from afar. The ride is approximately 30 minutes one way.


The view was impacted by fog, but on a nice, sunny day, it would have been nice. Also, when you board the ferry, go to left side of the boat. Upon returning to the city, go to the right side of the boat. The crowd is also something to contend with.

Is this for seagulls to perch on?


Thank you, zoom lens!

Overall, our NYC trip was exhausting since we went during the holidays. There’s still plenty to do and places to see, but so little time, which is always the case when you travel. However, the duration of our stay was enough. We do plan on returning though to do and see the places we missed. It’s a lovely city, but this trip made me appreciate my own city.


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