Coffee Break: Te Aro


A popular spot for caffeinated drinks. Sometimes, I’m astonished that I am able to score a seat. It’s loud; if you’re there to do some work or just some alone-with-my-coffee time, bring headphones.

As always, a mocha.

Te Aro
983 Queen St., E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1K2


4 thoughts on “Coffee Break: Te Aro

    • Their coffee selection has the usuals like americano, espresso, macchiato, etc. but they have a few choices for espressos. I never had a bad cup of coffee at Te Aro, just that it’s a little more loud than other cafes and not alot of outlets available if you’re looking to do some work there.

    • Remarkable Beans is good for the space and it’s much quieter. Te Aro makes stronger coffee, which is why I prefer it more, but if I am doing work, I likely would not go there. Purple Penguin is good too, really cozy.

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