Eat: Kanga

G’day mates, let’s go have some Aussie meat pies at Kanga. I promise there will not be any kangaroo meat in them.


Aussie meat pies are not the typical circular pie that you cut a slice of, rather it is a small, personal pie meant for one person with the meat filling encased in a flaky, buttery pastry.

Kanga is located right in the Entertainment District, on a small street just south of Queen West. It’s a small shop with very limited booth window seating. It’s more of a take-out place. They even have frozen pies for you to take home and bake.

The menu consists of about eight pie offerings, some of which are vegetarian friendly. Also, some of the pies are recommended to put ketchup on, which is traditionally the way to eat an Aussie meat pie. to One of the pies, the Traditional Aussie has Vegemite, that yeast, salty spread that either people really hate it or really love it. My brother requested that I bring a jar back home for him to try when I went to Melbourne and he was the only one that finished the tiny jar. If you want to know what’s the traditional pie in Australia, this one is your best bet.

We got two pies: The Kiwi Classic and The Canadian. There’s little shapes on the pie that lets you know which pie is which.


Kiwi Classic ($7.25), a New Zealanders’ classic minced beef and cheese.


The Canadian ($7.25) with steak and bacon braised with Amsterdam Downtown Brown Ale. The pastry is what it is, buttery and flaky. The filling was hot. However, the downfall of the Canadian is, there was not very much steak inside, only two small pieces inside. It was also a little too salty, likely from the bacon. I would not have this again, but willing to try their other pies.

65 Duncan St.
Toronto, ON
M5V 1Z4


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