Eat: Impact Kitchen

Going out to eat dinner alone is still a foreign concept to me; the last time I had dinner by myself outside of home was in Melbourne. I told myself that when I returned home, I’d do the solo dinner more. After all, since the end of my long term relationship, I was going to do more things that challenge my comfort zone.

But work got busy and I kept making excuses with myself every time I decide whether to go home or go out for dinner.


Well Impact Kitchen, I guess you’re the one where I’ll have my solo dinner. At least I won’t feel guilty about it, because Impact Kitchen is all about clean eating. However fear nor, it’s not entirely vegetarian, there is meat.


I ordered a Maverick power bowl ($11.95) with added salmon ($4). It consisted of root vegetable mash, steamed broccoli, salsa fresca, sprouts, hemp seeds, almonds and pesto. Avocado is omitted, but I got my healthy fats from the salmon and almonds. 😉

Not the most exciting dinner, but it wasn’t so bland. The pesto provided some flavour to the otherwise plain broccoli. In the end, it’s a healthy dinner with ingredients that are minimally cooked so you get as much nutrients out of it post-cooked. That is basically the concept of Impact Kitchen — provide nutrient rich food and minimally processed.

Vegan-friendly. Vegetarian-friendly. Paleo-friendly. Meat eater-friendly. But pricey for what I can do at home.

Impact Kitchen
573 King St. E
Toronto, ON
M5A 1M5


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