Eat: Axia Cafe

With so many dining options at Pacific Mall, having lunch at Axia Cafe, a Korean/Japanese restaurant on the upper level shouldn’t be one of them.

Korean food is mostly our safe choice when we cannot decide what to eat, which is why we ended up having lunch here after getting new glasses.

The food court during lunch hours on a weekend can be daunting when finding a table, at least with Axia Cafe, you get restaurant service.

The food however, left us wondering what we just ate.


The Beef Fried Ramen. Looks good on the plate, but so salty. Don’t expect much of out it though, the ramen noodle is the packet variety.

The Japchae is one of the worst I’ve ever had. Salty and swimming in grease.

It seems that they don’t do Korean good very well, but the Japanese food? Not sure, but I wouldn’t be back to try.

Axia Cafe
4300 Av Steeles E
Markham, ON
L3R 0Y5

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