Eat: Dolce21 Dessert House

Extreme sweet tooth beware, you might have to take a trip to the dentist after this.

Dolce21 Dessert House open in Pacific Mall not too long ago. It can be a bit hard to spot, so find B35 by looking at the top of the stores entrances, Dolce21 is located on the side of B35.

While browsing their menu, I found that it can be a little confusing if you are ordering their premium soft serve. They also do coffee drinks, tea, shakes and smoothies. The selections under the soft serve ice cream are not the flavours; rather it is the toppings on the ice cream.

There are only two flavours: Japanese green tea and vanilla (in a Tiffany blue colour). You can also have the two flavours in a twist.

You can add additional toppings like (more) honey comb, candy popcorn and cotton candy for an extra $1-$2.


Japanese Green Tea with Honey Aloe Vera ($5.95)


Japanese Green Tea with Green Tea Mochi ($6.95) and topped with lychee cotton candy (additional $1.00). It doesn’t say on the menu, but it also has red bean topped on the ice cream. It comes with a chocolate cigar cookie.

The ice cream is best shared. It’s a lot of sugar for one person to handle.  While I enjoyed the lychee (<3) flavoured cotton candy (the tartness comes first than you get the taste of lychee, albeit artificially flavoured), it was too much; either you tackle the candy first, set it aside or give it away, which is what I did. I got tired of the cotton candy quick and by the time I got to the ice cream, I felt it was too much, couldn’t really taste any green tea in there anyways.

Nice presentation but overwhelming. If you’re not sharing, don’t top it with cotton candy.

Dolce 21 Dessert House
4300 Steeles Ave. E, Unit B35A
Markham, ON
L3R 0Y5

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