Eat: Shanghai Dim Sum

On Sunday, my parents took me out for lunch for my birthday, and knowing how much I love soup dumplings (xiaolongbaos), we went to Shanghai Dim Sum in Richmond Hill.

They discovered this place from an ad in a Chinese newspaper where the restaurant is promoting $0.99 soup dumplings. There’s a catch though: it only applies to your first order.

However, when we got to the restaurant, we discovered that the $0.99 is only for your first order of the pork soup dumplings, a second order of it is $2.99.  “Regular” price is $4.99.


The “promotion” also applied to other soup dumplings. We got an order of crab and pork soup dumpling, which the first order is $1.99 and second is $3.99. “Regular” price is $5.99.


We also got the “seafood” soup dumpling. First order is $1.99, second order is $3.99. “Regular” price is $5.99. Not really soup dumplings by the looks of it. Our assumption is that because the filling is fish paste, it contains flour, which absorbs liquid. Best to skip this one.

The soup dumplings come in a steam basket of four. They are quite minuscule, but for the price, it isn’t terrible. The crab and pork is the most flavourful one of the three we ordered. They have another pricing for a steam basket of 6 dumplings, which I reckon are larger and probably more better (I think that is what you’re referring to, Jlu?).

My parents are not particularly fond of soupy noodles in restaurants (aside of pho) because they find it bland or just full of MSG, even though full knowing by eating in Chinese restaurants, you will be eating MSG-laden food.


Shanghai Dim Sum dos not have very much non-soupy noodles. The Shanghai style fried thick noodles ($6.99) was pretty much the only dish on the menu that was not soupy or spicy.


The fried sticky rice cake with pork and vegetable ($7.99) is a simple dish but it was our favourite.


When my brother browsed through the menu, he saw on the menu Wild vegetable with bean curd ($5.99). Nothing wild about this, it’s apparently Chinese Broccoli!

Shanghai Dim Sum
330 Highway 7 E. Unit 108
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3P8


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