Coffee Break: Little Nicky’s Coffee

Little Nickys Coffee (5)

Little Nicky’s Coffee is one of the places you pass by and not even notice it’s there. There is a large painted sign on the wall that is visible on the corner of Peter St. and Queen St. West, but to be honest, if I did not have the intention of going to Little Nicky’s, I would think it’s a graffiti art on the wall. I was not conscious that it was even there.

Little Nickys Coffee
The little coffee shop is located on Peter St. right behind Gap. With limited seating that appear to be perpetually occupied since they offer newspapers and magazine to read, we were lucky to have a table to enjoy our coffee and doughnuts.

Yes, Little Nicky’s Coffee offers freshly made mini doughnuts made on-site. Covered in cinnamon and icing sugar, they are quite heavenly. Decently priced too at $4 for a dozen and $2.75 for half dozen.

The service however, was a little cold. No hello, no thank you. Then you realize you’re slightly in the hipster part of town.

Little Nicky’s Coffee
375 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 2A5

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