Eat: Playa Cabana

Mexican food haven’t had much love from me, but it’s still growing on me.

IMG_0810Since liking Cocina Economica, the opportunity came to try the big sister, Playa Cabana. We came here for lunch, but I can see that it is a more livelier place at night.


We started with ceviche, and if you know me, I can’t not get ceviche. My brother rolled his eyes and said to our server, “yep, she’s got to have her ceviche”. This is not their ceviche of the day, but a special of the day on the board menu. It was tuna with red onions, chopped cucumbers, red and green peppers, jalapeño, cherry tomatoes, and radish, all served on top of a sliced cucumber. Really refreshing.


Flautas ($9) – crispy corn flutes stuffed with braised steak. Slathered with green tomatillo salsa, queso fresca, roasted corn, chipotle and crema. When it came on the table, I didn’t expect it to be saucy. Also I thought, “uh oh, cheese!”, so I basically just brushed off as much as I can, but otherwise, very flavourful, but not too spicy. The beef is shredded, so you’re not eating chunks of steak.


My brother ordered the Tacos de Chori-Queso ($14 for 3) with homemade Mexican chorizo and Oaxacan cheese in a corn tortilla.


I got the Tacos de Pollo al Carbon ($13 for 3) with Guajillo-chipotle marinated free-range chicken grilled over coals and fresh mango salsa. The Pollo al Carbon was delicious. Chicken was flavourful and not dry.

Some of you may know that I avoid eating avocado, I cannot stand the buttery texture which stems from a childhood memory of almost throwing up after eating a piece of avocado and not expecting the texture of it. However, I think I’m starting to like avocado, ONLY if it’s with other foods and it better be accompanied by a ton of lime juice on guacamole. I’m getting there, baby steps.


It’s reasonably price for really good Mexican food, especially from one of the top place in the city. Gluten-free friendly, but keep in mind that they indicated which are not gluten-free so contamination may occur, so err on the side of caution. Playa Cabana can be confusing to find as it is located on a seemingly residential area.

Playa Cabana
111 Dupont St.
Toronto, ON
M5R 1V4


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