Coffee Break: Ezra’s Pound


Ezra’s Pound, located in the Annex and steps from Casa Loma boasts having the lowest environmental impact out of all Toronto coffee shops. So while it’s likely not named after the poet, Ezra Pound whom revolutionize modern poetry, the coffee shop is in some ways revolutionizing the ecological footprint of coffee shops by using certified organic, sustainable and Smithsonian bird friendly coffee, biodegradable take-out containers and even going as far as producing one bag of trash per week.

Seems impossible, but Ezra’s doing it.

It is a pretty busy cafe, so seats are pretty much prime real estate. Also,  if you order a drink to stay, they bring it to you, which is a nice touch but I am so used to picking up at the counter.


Some people can find it pricey than other cafes, but they use organic ingredients in their baked goods and organic milk in your coffee beverage. There is a price to pay for organic…

Ezra’s Pound
238 Dupont Street
Toronto, ON M5R 1V7

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