Eat: Nugateau

Oh Nugateau, you are such a dangerous place.

Opened a few months ago, Nugateau specializes in eclairs that are too pretty to eat, but exists for a luxury, decadent treat (price range from $4.50 to $7.00 each, depending on the kind).

IMG_0975Most eclairs are on the sweet end, but they have a few savoury ones. The choux pastry are filled filled to the brim with cream, which are quite strong on the flavour (i.e. you can taste the pistachio, matcha, etc. — not a faint flavour).

You can get single, a box of two, four or six. I got a box to share of six with a mixture of luxe eclairs and regular for $30. No tax if you get 6 or more.

IMG_0976Maple Bacon ($4.50) – candied bacon and maple cream. A regular eclair. I thought of my brother when I saw this one. A good flavour of maple syrup in this one.

IMG_0977.jpgLemon Meringue ($5.50) – lemon cream, yuzu and torched meringue. A luxe eclair. This is a top favourite out of all the ones I got. It wasn’t too tart, a true lemon meringue pie in eclair form.

IMG_0987.jpgHoney Lavender ($5.50) – white chocolate cream scented with lavender and honey, lavender glaze and candied lavender buds. A luxe eclair. This is only available for the month of April and the interesting one out of the six. If you don’t like the flavour of lavender, this isn’t for you. The cream has a strong floral note and a bite of the candied buds gives a extra strong lavender flavour.

IMG_0989.jpgPersian Pistachio ($5.50) – white chocolate pistachio cream and candied pistachio. A luxe eclair. The light cream has a good flavour of pistachio. If only pistachio gelato had a stronger flavour…

IMG_0998.jpgManjari Chocolate ($4.50) – 54% dark chocolate and chocolate glaze. A classic eclair. This is a third favourite, can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate eclair if you love chocolate.

IMG_0999.jpgJapanese Matcha ($5.50) – matcha cream and white chocolate. A luxe eclair. A second favourite. The cream has a strong flavour of matcha.

Again, it’s expensive and I’m probably not going to return anytime soon as my wallet will cry, I was surprised that the ends of each eclair had generous amount filling in it (eclair was cut in four pieces to share), as oppose to very little to none. No details are left with these handmade eclairs.

Edit: We recently visited Nugateau in October 2016 to try some new flavours.

Top: Juliet: raspberry chocolate truffle – Tanzania single origin 75% dark chocolate, chocolate creameux and raspberry compote. $6. Bottom: Matcha Yuzu – organic Japanese matcha mousse, white chocolate glaze and yuzu gelée. $6.
Up close of the Juliet.
Up close of the Juliet.

717 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON
M6J 1E6

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