Eat: Red Bean Waffle House

It’s still not quite ice cream weather yet, but a sunny day is still an excuse to go out for ice cream. My cousin Dave is a big fan of Japanese taiyaki and Korean bungeoppang, those fish-shaped waffles containing red bean filling (taiyaki can come in different fillings, whereas bungeoppang only has red bean filling). So when I saw people posting on Instagram ice cream with bungeoppang as the cone, we had to take Dave there on his Saturday treat day (he actively works out).

Red Bean Waffle House is located at a plaza on Steeles, west of Yonge across from Centrepoint Mall. It’s a small shop, with only a table and four seats. It could benefit from having a bench outside so patrons can at least sit to enjoy the ice cream.

For $4.44 + tax, you can get two scoops of mango, red bean, vanilla, chocolate or green tea ice cream. $5.55 + tax gets you two scoops of black sesame ice cream.

You can also get regular bungeoppang for $1/piece or 6 pieces for $5.

The bungeoppang hold the ice cream really well and at the tail end of the waffle is the red bean filling. My only gripe is that the bungeoppang isn’t made to order and while I understand that it’s probably time-consuming to make it to order and that it’ll quickly melt ice cream from the hot waffle, I don’t know how long the waffle has been sitting out on display for.

Nonetheless, it is quite a treat.

Red Bean Waffle House
100 Steeles Ave. W
Vaughan, ON
L4J 7Y1


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