Eat: Kadbanu

Recently, it occurred to me how strange it is to be “dating” again. That feeling of nervousness, fussing over getting ready, or running through possible scenarios in your head about what might happen. It’s been awhile.

But it’s kind of a nice feeling of starting over and getting to know someone. However, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to jump into pool. Some of you may recall, I did go on a date in Melbourne but in this case, I am not counting it. This is about going on a date in your city of residence.

Not too long ago, when meeting up with friends for dinner, one of my friend mentioned she has a friend whose friend is single. I immediately knew where this conversation was going and when I learned that this guy is a busy real estate agent in his mid-thirties who likes to work out and play sports. I told her that I’d think about it. Mind you, she never met him either; a true friend of a friend of a friend scenario.

I did mulled about it for awhile and talked about it with my closest friends whom said I should just give it a try. After all, what could go wrong? Everything, I thought. Eventually, I agreed to meet this guy. My friend said she’ll talk to her friend to set something up. A few weeks went by with no word. I didn’t bother following up because this person is a mystery to me and it’s hard to gather any interest when you know so little. Plus, it’s not priority.

Turns out, her friend forgot to talk to his friend about it and she told him to forget it and not waste anyone’s time. Quite frankly, I feel as though I’ve dodged a bullet. Then in comes someone, whom we’ll refer to as G.

G and I share a mutual appreciation for Mi Mi Restaurant, a Vietnamese retaurant in our neighbourhood. When he asked me out on a date, I didn’t hesitate to agree; I kind of got a gist of the type of person he is. Funny how social media can work in your favour sometimes. We met in person over brunch at Kadbanu, an Iranian restaurant.

Kadbanu is quite a small restaurant yet aesthetically bright with natural light from the large windows throughout the restaurant.

Their brunch menu is pretty small, with cheese and bread for light bites, three egg dishes selections to two Middle Eastern dishes that varies regionally. Their egg dishes are served with house salad and Barbari bread, a type of Iranian flatbread.


Mirza Ghasemi ($13) – Baked and smoked aubergine, then sauteed with garlic and tomatoes, topped with a sunny side up egg.


Shakshouka ($12) – Egg poached in house-made sauce of tomatoes, bell peppers and chilli peppers. The shakshouka was served in a little stoneware pot. The shakshouka definitely had a bit more punch in the spiciness than the one I had at Lisa Marie. The barbari bread was delicious and great for mopping up the sauces.

Atmosphere was nice and the food was really flavourful, but the portion can be small for really hungry eaters.

771 Dundas St. W
Toronto, ON
M6J 1T9


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