Eat: Sweet Jesus Eastside

When my brother sent me a message while I was at work: “Sweet Jesus opened in our neighbourhood”, I was like, OH THE HORROR.

Do we need 1.5 hour massive line up? Do we need overcrowding of sidewalk? I was full-on NIMBYISM-ING.

Anyways, my brother, cousin Dave and I went to check it out as Dave has never tried nor does he want to experience the 1.5 hour line, so this is an ideal opportunity. Turns out that there isn’t a massive line like the original location, likely contributed to the fact that the offerings in the second location is limited so there’s a quicker turnaround, but it’s still the massive, overhyped soft serve ice cream that just isn’t good– the soft serve, not the toppings.



Mint Chocolate Last Rites – vanilla and chocolate twist soft serve, mint chocolate crumble, mint icing, After Eight chunks and chocolate sauce.

The saving grace is the After Eight chunks ❤ and that having it in a cup is a more sensible way to eat it.

Sweet Jesus (Eastside)
780 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H4

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