Eat: Campechano Taquería

Campechano Taquería. Third time’s the charm for my dinner companions and second for me. We were suppose to go to Campechano the day we went to Marben. At first, our reservation got pushed back due to a mechanical issue that needed to be repaired, then they couldn’t open because the problem was not fixed. Legally, a business cannot open if their washroom facility is not functional. That’s okay though, things happen.


We got guacamole on the house for the inconvenience, which was pretty nice of the restaurant. We ordered two of all their tacos and shared half among the four of us.


Bistec ($5 each) – sirloin, grilled green bell peppers and onions.


Barbacoa ($6 each) – braised lamb leg


Guisado de Res ($6.75 each) – simmered flank, bell peppers and tomato.


Tinga de Pollo ($4.75 each) –  chicken breast, morita chiles. Spicy and the flavour kind of lingers in your mouth.


Rajas con Crema ($4.25 each) – poblano peppers, corn and cream. My least favourite.


Pescado ($6.75 each) – beer battered branzino and chipotle.


Cilantro was on every single tacos. Good thing that I didn’t taste very much of it.

Campechano Taquería
504 Adelaide St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 1T4


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