Hong Kong, I am on my way

A week before my trip to Hong Kong, I was in total vacation mode. Granted I felt unprepared as I began packing the two days before leaving and I didn’t have much time to plan, so there would be a lot of improvising on this trip. Nonetheless, I was excited to just be away for three weeks.

Jeff gave me Awkward Panda as a way for me to “bring” him on this trip. I felt terrible as we started to date two weeks before I were to leave. I still remember he came over a day before my trip to give me Awkward Panda — it rained heavily that evening so he had to seek shelter inside my home where he met my parents. Unintentional and unplanned. Story of our lives…

I went to work the day I was leaving as my flight out was at midnight; that meant I would land in HK right around 5:00am HK local time, giving us a full day to do things, but lose a day in flight.

My special request low-lactose dinner… chicken.
Egg whites for breakfast. This may be the most healthiest meal I will eat before landing in HK.
I got giddy seeing this passed around and while I had low-lactose meal, I cannot say no to this. It was frozen rock solid.

I flew with Cathay Pacific, which I fully conclude has the best airplane food hands down. They also give you Häagen-Dazs ice cream and cup noodles. I did hear that Air Canada flights to Asia hands out cup noodles, but I would never fly with Air Canada if I had a choice.

When I flew to Melbourne, it gave me a taste of how long haul are. This 15 hour flight is no different. I remember my butt getting terribly numb that I had to get up several times. On this flight, it was quite comfortable and I was shocked with how much leg space was available in the economy cabin.

Perhaps North American airlines have cramped leg room as they are into cramming as much people in the cabin? Regardless, I think it’s a crime to have such uncomfortable seating.

Back to sleep, and we’ll wake up to HK.




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