Eat: Ho Hung Kee (Hong Kong Int’l Airport)

When we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, it was 5:00am and we were famished. The problem is, 5:00am tends to be the first arrivals to the airport and majority of the shops and restaurants in the airport are preparing to open or still closed.

McDonalds was open though, but there was a long line and we didn’t just fly 12,000km to eat McDonalds. So instead, we walked around the airport to figure out how to get to the city.

Beside McDonalds is Ho Hung Kee, a one Michelin star rated restaurant known for its wontons noodles. It is a sit-down open restaurant with an area at the front to park your luggage (I say park as they give you a number to claim your luggage).


Noodles in soup with shrimp dumplings ($55 HKD). There was a bite to the wonton noodles. The wontons itself, I later learned that the shrimp to pork ratio is critical, as well as using fresh shrimp vs frozen. A crisp bite of the shrimp meant they used fresh shrimp– a plus in HK standards.


Noodles in soup with pig’s knuckle in red bean cheese ($56 HKD).

At the time, it was roughly $6 HKD to $1 CAD, so approximately $9-$10 CAD for the bowls of noodle soup. While the pictures make it look like it’s a big bowl, it is a pretty small bowl. I also later learn that it is a bit more expensive than their other locations outside the airport.

It satiated our hunger at least.

Ho Hung Kee
Arrivals Hall, Shop 5T61, Level 5, Hong Kong International Airport
Chek Lap Kok, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


4 thoughts on “Eat: Ho Hung Kee (Hong Kong Int’l Airport)

    • HK has quite a bit of Michelin starred restaurants and Michelin recommended restaurant, which are quite cheap. I guess this was pretty cheap in HK pricing, but definitely pricey in terms of the size and amount of food.

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