Eat: Ding Tai Fung (Taipei)

In Toronto, we have a Din Tai Fung where you can have your soup dumpling fix and watch them being made by the staff. Contrary to what some people think, it’s actually not associated with the real Din Tai Fung from Taipei and with locations around the world.

Except in Canada.

When I planned to visit Taipei, I also planned to visit the original Din Tai Fung location on Xinyi Rd. in the Da’an Disrict. My aunt advised against it, saying I was foolish for wanting to try it as it is expensive and not the best in the city. Nonetheless, when DTF is considered the best in the soup dumplings, I can’t not try it.


The original location can garner line ups of up to two hours. Because it is such a tourist location, the menu does have English on it, the staff’s name tags has flags on it to signify they can speak other languages (mostly it was English, Korean or Japanese) and they do ask which country you are coming from when you get your number in line, which is quite irrelevant.


When we went, it was pouring rain. Torrential. Typical of Taiwan summers.
Because of that, we only waited for 20 minutes for a table with a small line up.



We ordered pork soup dumplings ($200 NTD for 10), crab roe and pork soup dumplings ($350 NTD for 10), chicken soup dumpling ($200 NTD for 10) and sauced noodles with Chinese mustard greens and shredded pork.


The pork dumplings came in a bit lukewarm, which was a little disappointing. The crab roe and pork though, so good.


Lastly, we got sesame buns ($35 NTD each). If you love black sesame, you will love this. It’s filled with black sesame paste.

Is it worth the wait? I am not quite sure. I think if I were to wait an hour, I would wait it out, but any longer than that, forget it. They do have a location in Taipei 101, so the line up and eating at the original location is merely saying you’ve ate there. I do have to admit that despite the lukewarm pork soup dumpling, DTF is one of the best place I’ve had soup dumplings at.

Din Tai Fung
194 Xinyi Rd, Sec 2
Taipei 111-0021, Taiwan


2 thoughts on “Eat: Ding Tai Fung (Taipei)

  1. I completely agree, DTF is fantastic for the xiaolongbao. Still, there are actually many places in Taipei now that can match (or if I dare say, exceed) the quality of DTFxiaolongbao, so my family tend not to go there any more.

    And considering how their other dishes so-so and often overpriced, it all the more reason to do so.

    • I assume the quality may have gotten down as they know that people will still eat at DTF since it is internationally known, but yes, there’s always something better elsewhere.

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