Miau Ban Calla Lily Garden (Taipei)


In Yangmingshan, there is a calla lily garden next to a restaurant. A somewhat nice retreat away from the city as you are surrounded by mountains and nature. It’s not as accessible, a car is highly recommended. When we mentioned that our plan was to hike in Yangmingshan, my aunt was suggested she would drive us there instead. One thing about staying with relatives (or friends) is, they know where and what is good to eat. Problem is, when you can’t read the language, you have no idea what they’ve ordered.

Not sure if they have an English menu
Bamboo shoots and mushroom soup that is cooked on the portable stovetop.
Sauteed yam shoots
Fried fish in sweet and sour sauce
Fried eggplants
Fried soft tofu
Steamed shrimp
Three cup chicken. This was really good.
Sweet potato soup. This was really good with the flavour of ginger in the sweet liquid.

At home, yam shoots are very expensive, but quite abundant here. I was also told that young bamboo shoots are plentiful. While it is a little touristy, it is something I’ve never done before — eat with a view of the mountains and breathe in fresh air. After your meal, you can also walk around the calla lily garden.

On another note, I became a little culture shock while I discovered squat toilets. I didn’t stumble upon any during the first few days of my stay in Hong Kong, but in Taipei, its a different story. I was glad to find the restaurant had both sit-down and squat toilets. For those who’ve never used squat toilets before, you’ll be glad too.

Miao Ban Calla Lily Garden
No.56-7, Zhuzihu Rd.
Yangmingshan, Beitou District
Taipei, Taiwan


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