A Hidden Tea House in Maokong (Taipei)

I wish I can tell you where this tea house is in Maokong, but it was so off the beaten track and I don’t even know what it is called. My aunt and uncle frequents this hidden tea house often and when they attempted to translate the name of the tea house, it is something along the line of “cross over the mountain”.


Maokong is quite easy to get to using the MRT, plus the gondola is quite fun to ride. The trek to this tea house however, was exhausting in the sweltering heat but the view is quite worth it. Plus, we did something that you wouldn’t fathom of doing in a restaurant.


Wheat noodles soup with tea seed oil. Have to drink tea while in a tea house!
Young ginger chicken. The young ginger was fried a little too dry.
Young bamboo shoot soup
Young tea leaves fried egg. Imparting a slight tea flavour, doubt that you will find this anywhere else other than tea growing regions.
Steamed young bamboo shoots. It was ruined by the copious amounts of mayo.
Sauteed pork with green onions and celery
Sweet potato tempura fries.

Some pretty unique dishes here that I would never had a chance to try at home. Like Yangmingshan, young bamboo shoots are also pretty abundant here. With the heat and food coma setting in, we actually closed our eyes and napped on the balcony patio.

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