Eat: Tai Cheong Bakery (Hong Kong)

One of my favourite Chinese pastry is egg tart. People have preferences towards the crust — flaky or the shortbread crust. Growing up eating the flaky crust variety, that is my preference.

While looking up places for egg tarts that people rave about, we found Tai Cheong, a bakery with over 50 years in business and accolades of having the best egg tarts in HK. Luckily, the apartment we were staying in Central was close to their first location on Lyndhurst Terrace.


One thing to note is, there egg tarts are the shortbread crust variety. The custard was not too sweet and quite creamy. I still missed the flaky crust though.

My gripe about Tai Cheong is how the staff basically mislead us. We were getting four egg tarts and requested for a box (easier to carry) and they said they don’t give out boxes unless we buy eight items, which is fine because getting more baked goods meant we would have some food for breakfast or late night snacking. So, we got some buns and they rung us up and proceeded to put our items in BAGS. We asked why are you putting the stuff in bags, we specifically bought more items to have them boxed. They then said we had to get 8 egg tarts for the box, buns does not qualify for a box. WTF?? We flat out called them out on misleading us and they had nothing to say back– clearly knowing they mislead us. SHAME.

Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, G/F, Lyndhurst Building.
Central, Hong Kong


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