Eat: Mido Cafe (Hong Kong)


One of the oldest Hong Cafe cafe, Mido Cafe in Kowloon still stand the test of time. Opened in 1950s, Mido Cafe looks like a scene out of an old HK movie, and in fact, it has been in several movies and TV shows.


With the nostalgia, it is also one of the few HK cafes we visited where we didn’t feel rushed to eat and GTFO. However, don’t expect your North American standard of service, you will not find it here.


Pineapple bun with butter ($12 HKD) and Yuanyang (HK milk tea and coffee mix, $15 HkD for hot beverage).


Ham with macaroni in broth ($30 HKD) and HK milk tea ($15 HKD for hot beverage).


Mido style noodle in soup ($38 HKD). Basically wonton noodles with some random add-ons like BBQ pork and seafood.

Mido Cafe
63 Temple Street
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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