Eat: Oddies Foodies (Hong Kong)

Oddies Foodies was one of the dessert spot I wanted to try while in Hong Kong. Gelato and a quintessential street food, the egg waffle.


Except since it’s trendy, you won’t be paying street food pricing. It does come at a premium.


Blood orange gelato. Before I left for HK/Taipei, I went to my favourite neighbourhood ice cream shop, Ed’s Real Scoop for my go-to scoop of blood orange sorbet. However, they were sold out of it. When blood orange was one of the selection at Oddies, you can bet I got it. While it is not in the consistency of a sorbet, it is the creamier, dairy version of my favourite.


Pick Me Up – tiramisu gelato, coffee soaked ladyfingers, chocolate soil.

The egg waffles, or eggettes as they call it come in flavours not found in the street food variety. Price range from $28 HKD and $30HKD for flavours of the day. They are made-to-order and I was surprised by the size of it.


Brownie chocolate chip eggette ($28 HKD). I am not sure if this is always priced at $28HKD, but it was not considered “flavour of the day”.


Pineapple pastry ($30 HKD). If you have been to Taiwan, you would know that pineapple pastry is something you need to get by the boatload. While one cannot tell, this had the pineapple jam in the between and thoroughly enjoyed this than the chocolate chip one.

Oddies Foodies
45 Gough Street
Hong Kong Island, Central
Hong Kong


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