Eat: Rua Vang Golden Turtle

Before when I rarely venture west of the city, I had heard about Rua Vang Golden Turtle and how popular it is on the Ossington strip. Jeff and his family have been frequenting Golden Turtle for years, since it’s beginning days and witnessed the changes the restaurant had over the years.

Prior to their popularity, the restaurant was not reaping in the business and moved to a smaller location nearby, even putting in a karaoke bar. It ended up not doing so well, so the owners managed to obtain their original and current location, it’s been up and up since.

IMG_2633Jeff comes here for their pho, which is what regulars rave about. He took me here as they have bun riêu, a vermicelli noodle soup with crab paste, shrimp, tofu, egg and tomatoes. Not a lot of Vietnamese restaurants serve this. Bún riêu is one of my favourite Vietnamese dish, as grew up eating this. My mother doesn’t make it as much as she used to, which had me looking elsewhere for it.

IMG_2631Turns out, nothing compares to what home makes. The bun riêu at Golden Turtle didn’t have much crab in it and had a taste of the soup base of an seafood flavour instant noodle. It didn’t hit the spot.

I would come back to try the pho though.

Rua Vang Golden Turtle
125 Ossington Ave.
Toronto, ON.
M6J 2Z2


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