Union Summer at Union Station

Last year, Front St. Foods organized an outdoor market outside Union Station with food vendors. This year, the Front St. Foods are not involved but instead, a new organizer, BaAM Productions came on board to put on an outdoor market of food and entertainment.

Union Summer is on now until September 5th.


Top: Nanban Meal (Gushi Chicken with garlic aioli, onion, and citrus vinaigrette on purple rice) from Gushi

Right: Frankie Goes To Buffalo (chicken bacon, carrots, celery, blue cheese dressing, buffalo wing sauce and panko fried wiener) from Fancy Franks.

Left: Thai Slaw (brown rice vermicelli, cabbage slaw, cucumbers, peppers, mint, cilantro, Thai basil, green onions, radish, pickled chili peppers, sesame seeds, almonds and ginger tamari dressing) from Oats and Ivy.


Original Gushi Chicken Meal – Gushi Chicken drizzled with spicy mayo and sesame vinaigrette on purple rice.


The Original – Eva’s freshly baked chimney cone with real cream soft serve from Eva’s Original Chimney. Best shared. I died after eating this and not in a good way. The chimney cone is the only best thing about this ice cream “cone”; crunchy on the exterior, soft on the inside.


Dream Cone – Nutella, organic cocoa drizzle, salted caramel brownie.


Spicy Poké Bowl (wasabi salmon, spicy Lahuna sauce, green onions, crispy onions, cucumbers, jalapenos, black and white sesame seeds, Red Dragon sauce, spicy avocado sauce and masago) from Lahuna Poke.


Crispy Poké Bowl (salmon, Lahuna sauce, crispy onions, cucumbers, nori, black and white sesame seeds, seaweed salad, unagi sauce, garlic peas, edamame and masago).


Kaffir, Lime & Yogourt gelato from Death in Venice.


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