Coffee Break: Hailed Coffee

IMG_2646When I came back from Hong Kong, I was surprised to learn that a coffee shop opened up just a short walk from home. This isn’t a typical indie coffee shop, Hailed Coffee adds a bit of something special in some of their coffee drinks– cardamom. It was also refreshing to me to find some different treats here like dates to baklava.


Edit: Revisited on November 2016:


We revisited Hailed Coffee to try Arabic coffee, which Hailed is one of the very few places that serves it.


It takes at least 20 minutes to brew, the coffee beans used are lightly roasted and brewed with spices such as cardamom to create a golden, fragrant liquid. It has nuances of citrus, a little herbal and a little sweet. It’s very interesting.


It’s almost like tea; it doesn’t have the consistency of coffee nor is it bitter, but does have a higher concentration of caffeine. Poured from a dallah (pot) onto fenjen (small cup), drinking Arabic coffee is a communal activity. We also got some dates that range from sweet to mildly sweet to eat with our coffee, in fact, try taking a bite of a date and then take a sip of coffee… it just melds together nicely.

Hailed Cappuccino – cardamom infused. I’d recommend spending the extra 50 cents to have your coffee infused with cardamom.

Hailed Coffee
801 Gerrard St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1Y5

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