Eat: Jamie’s Italian in Yorkdale Mall (revisit)

When I tried out Jamie’s Italian in Yorkdale Mall back in January, it was a bit of a missed experience. Food was extremely salty and the menu was overwhelming with the choices. Since that visit, the menu has been scaled down.

Would saltiness be something that was changed too?

Whem Jamie’s Iatlian first opened, it was a bit tough to get a reservation at an ideal dinner hour. My revisit was relatively easy– didn’t make a reservation and got a table the moment we came in.

Jeff got the Tagliatelle Bolognese ($17.95) – Gennaro’s original pork and beef Bolognese recipe, slow cooked and served with pangrattato and Parmigiano Reggiano. He said it’s not too salty and pretty good.

I got the Fresh Crab Spaghetti ($19.95) with garlic, capers, chilli, fennel, parsley, anchovies, lemon and olive oil. It was a little salty, but compared to the pasta I had on my first visit, it was better.

Tiramisù ($9.95) with chocolate shavings and orange zest. Too sweet, but the orange zest gave it a refreshing character to a traditional Italian dessert.

Price-wise, it is expensive for what it is and the portion does not reflect it either. For $20 or a bit more, I would have been able to get something more substantial and better tasting elsewhere. Service was much quicker though.

Jamie’s Italian (in Yorkdale Mall)
3401 Dufferin St., Unit 20
Toronto, ON
M6A 2T9


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