Eat: Restaurant Chantecler

When long weekend falls on a Monday, it can be proven difficult to find a place to have dinner on the west end when majority does not open on Mondays.

While walking towards a restaurant that specializes in barbecue, we walked past Chantecler and returned there when the barbecue place had a 45 minute wait. They had just opened for dinner service and easily accommodated us group of 5.


Chantecler has formerly served some classic dishes with some Asian flavours when Chef Jonathan Poon (also former co-owner) was at the helm of the kitchen. Since his departure, it took on more of French influences.

If you did not know, Chantecler is a breed of chickens that originated in Canada.

IMG_3112.jpgThe “Signature” ($8) , a gin and grapefruit tonic with Beefeater Gin, lime, house tonic and grapefruit.

IMG_3115.jpgChicken Paté ($9) with tomato jam and toast. I’m not quite fond of chicken pate for some reason, much preferring the liver variety.

IMG_3117.jpgSteak Tartare ($11) with egg yolk and toast.

IMG_3119.jpgTuna Salad ($13) with smoked tuna, green beans tomato, egg and olive sauce. Chantecler’s version of a salade niçoise.

IMG_3122.jpgFrog Legs ($13) with chives, celery, tomato and red pepper sauce. Does have some spicy kick to it.

IMG_3126.jpgPacific Cod & Mussels ($25) with creamy tomato sauce, potatoes, pepper relish and black olives.

IMG_3127Ratatouille ($6) with zucchini, eggplant, peppers and pesto.

IMG_3129Steak ($26) with bone marrow, rich gravy, potato chips and pickles.

IMG_3135.jpgBaked Alaska ($12) with vanilla and cherry ice cream, chocolate cake, meringue and grand marnier. The baked alaska was brought out to the table, then the server pour the grand marnier and lights it on fire.

Service was impeccable and relaxed. While I did not try Chantecler when Chef Jonathan Poon was there, the French influenced menu proves to be a good and fresh restart. It’s not the frou frou

Restaurant Chantecler
1320 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON
M6K 1L4

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