Eat: Hanmoto

It’s always third time’s the charm when trying out a restaurant only to find it closed due to finicky hours or some mechanical issues.

Having been to Oddseoul and quite enjoyed most of what I had there, Hanmoto would be no different. Run by 1 of 2 of the Han brothers, Hanmoto is your izakaya dive bar. It fits 20 people at most, so it is best to go close to when they open for service to guarantee seating. Like Oddseoul, no reservations, no website, no phone number and nondescript, hidden location.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, Hanmoto really does not have good lighting.

IMG_3200 Arisaka Sour ($11) – cucumber and green tea infused gin, yuzu, soda and lime bitters.

IMG_3210Hamachi Tartare ($12) – sweet chili, ponzu, avocado, shiso and cilantro. While it does not look appetizing, it sure delivered on flavour. A little tart, a little spicy, and a little sweet. I hate cilantro and while I did taste it, it wasn’t overpowering.

IMG_3213Salmon Aburi ($12) – torched salmon, sushi rice, tobiko and scallions. Not your typical aburi, rather it is a deconstructed aburi. They give you sheets of nori to scoop some of the salmon aburi on it.

IMG_3216Uni-Bomb! ($15) – sea urchin roe, chicken skin, ikura, sushi rice and nori, Bomb indeed. If you love sea urchin, you will like this. With the nori sheets, its like a DIY handroll. Oh the brininess… ❤

IMG_3222.jpgNasu Dengaku ($8) – Japanese eggplant, fried beets and miso hollandaise.



Food-wise, I enjoyed it 10x more better than Oddseoul. It is a place where you kind of want to keep eating and drinking.

2 Lakeview Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X4

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