Eat: Takht-e Tavoos

Persian brunch at Tahkt-e Tavoos. They don’t take reservations and it can take upwards of 30 minutes for a table. Longer if you have a larger group.

Unlike Kadbanu, the menu here seems more traditional and the dishes are more substantial. Some of the seating are low tables where you have to remove your shoes — a little impractical when eating, but if you’re having tea, it’s a different story.

IMG_3243My friend ordered the Bandari ($13.95) with spicy halal sausages sautéed in tomato garlic puree, potatoes, sunnyside up eggs with feta and marinated olives. He said it tasted a bit lamb-y.

IMG_3246I got the Tomato Narguesi ($11.95) with two sunnyside up eggs cooked over chopped sautéed tomatoes and garlic, nigella seeds, feta (omitted), marinated olives and sautéed potatoes.

While presentation is not quite there, the flavours were. However, I am not quite sure if it’s worth the wait for a table.

Edit: Revisited Tavoos with Lisa.

Mirza Qasemi ($13.95) – smoky eggplant mashed and sautéed in a garlic tomato sauce, sunnyside up eggs, marinated olives, feta cheese and basmati rice.
Spinach Narguesi ($10.95) – sunnyside up eggs, sautéed spinach, crispy onion, feta cheese (omitted), marinated olive, grape tomatoes and Barbary flat bread.

Takht-e Tavoos
1120 College St.
Toronto, ON
M6H 1B5


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