Eat: JaBistro (revisit)

Been awhile since I last visited JaBistro. The menu has changed, but the quality is still up on the scale, given that it is at a premium price.

IMG_3358.jpgSashimi platter.

The Aburicious ($20). Aburi is pressed and blowtorched sushi. This set comes with two pieces each of ebi oshizushi (tiger shrimp), saba oshizushi (cured mackerel), salmon oshizushi and JaBistroll (salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber and tobiko). Comes with two each and a good value as if you were to get them individually, it would have ranged around $14-$16). The Aburicious allows you to try most of their aburi sushi.

IMG_3366.jpgWagyu beef oshizushi ($24).

Because of the blowtorch, it gives the aburi sushi a slight smoky flavour.

222 Richmond St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 1W4


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