Eat: Rolltation

Sushi burrito, it’s definitely a trend thing– a hybrid of sushi and burrito. Good on the go, but so is sushi itself.

Rolltation specializes in sushi burritos, but also offers poké bowls and salad bowls. The base on the burrito is white rice, whereas the poke can be white or brown. You can choose to order their signatures or create your own.


The Kimchi Beef ($12.99) in poke bowl form – beef, green lettuce, carrot, kimchi, kidney bean, avocado asparagus with raspberry BBQ sauce.

I chose to create my own, which can be too complicated with the amount of choices you can add to your creation.

$12.99 gets you one choice of protein (salmon, tuna, beef, chicken or shrimp). $14.99 gets you two. $8.99 for non-protein (for the vegetarians and vegans).

Vegetables, maximum of 3 choices. Toppings are also a maximum of 3, but some options like tobiko or avocado cost extras. You can also choose a sauce and a crunch.

While in line, I have already pretty much picked what I wanted in my salmon burrito. But when it came to order, I pretty much blanked out. Too many choices…

Salmon, tamale, kale, red peppers, massage, lotus chips and unary sauce. It was messy to eat.

207 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5G 1C8


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